Senix eSports at MLG Anaheim

Sat 18th Jun 2016 - 10:44pm

Our team for MLG Anaheim placed 12th-16th in Open Bracket, T36 overall.


The roster consisting of - Solo, eGo, Vee & Nova, made quite a good during the event. On Day 1 they won 2-0 vs Wise Gaming before losing 2-0 to Millenium, who are arguably one of the best EU teams.


On Day 2 the team started their day with a 2-0 win vs Absolute Zero in losers round 3. Moving on into losers round 4 they played against Reborn Knights, where they again impressed with another 2-0 win. 


In losers round 5, they then got matched up against Most Wanted in a match where the winner will face off against STDx VexX. However this wasn't to be, as they ended up losing 2-0 in a close match up. 


After the lose, this was then the end of the teams run at MLG Anaheim, giving them an overall placing of T36. This is the first ever MLG event, Senix eSports has attended.


Senix eSports are going to be in attendance at MLG Orlando, so please keep an eye out on our Twitter page - @Senix_eSports - for more information regarding this and any other news regarding Senix eSports.



Andrew Byrne

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